Santiago Free Zone Corporation, the leading conglomerate in the national economic development, and recognized as a point of reference for conutry’s excellence and innovation, is building the free zone of the future.

Entities that support our integral management system


CAPEX, Innovation and Professional Training Center, is an institution specialized in driving business and professional development through training, knowledge transfer and networking strengthening. It is an innovative concept to boost talent, provide knowledge updates, professional skills, and competitiveness. Up to December 2016, more than 20,500 people have participated in the different training programs within the CAPEX classrooms.


An agency specialized in talent acquisition and management, with vast experience in the industrial sector, aimed to provide the ideal tools and solutions, with a modern and innovative approach that facilitates the recruitment process; simplifying, optimizing and supporting the process of selecting the best profiles. While providing support and solutions, not only for the recruitment process of the PIVEM’s companies but also for companies in Santiago and the entire Northern Zone; an advantage that is being used with remarkable success in most countries and by the most avant-garde multinational companies.


FUNCAPEX is an organization that promotes a sustainable strategic development by offering research, management and promotion services for projects and initiatives for economic, technological and socio-environmental progress, in the public and private sectors of the Dominican Republic, especially in Santiago and the Northern Region.

La Aurora Credit Union

A society of solidary economy conceived to improve the quality of life of its collaborators on the base of promoting savings and facilitate loans and microcredit. Founded in 1965, it currently integrates many employees working in the free zone companies. From the co-op, the culture of savings and financial planning is promoted to achieve the collective progress of the community.


We contribute to the country’s socio-economic development through the creation of employment, becoming the main employer of the region.

Our industrial park currently employs over twenty thousand employees.

The PIVEM is valued as the best and most attractive park for working in, developing professionally and economically.

We have generated over 160,000 direct employment and 300 thousand indirect ones during our trajectory.

The efficiency of the management and operations of the Park, allows the enterprises to operate in a highly competitive environment in the international setting.

We generate formal quality jobs by transmitting technology and knowledge to all of our employees through our capacitation and training center, CAPEX.

We are the #1 job option in the zone, contributing to the dynamizing of city’s economy.

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