The signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Barcelona Free Trade Zone Consortium and Santiago Free Trade Zone Corporation to promote DFactory initiative at CZFS Industrial Park

12 June, 2023:

The signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Barcelona Free Trade Zone Consortium and Santiago Free Trade Zone Corporation to promote DFactory initiative at CZFS Industrial Park

June 8, 2023, Barcelona – Today, the Barcelona Free Zone Consortium (CZFB) and the Santiago Free Zone Corporation (CZFS) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the purpose of strengthening collaboration and promoting innovation in the Business and Industry 4.0 area.

The MOU establishes a strategic alliance between CZFB and CZFS to develop in the CZFS Industrial Park an initiative based on CZFB’s successful innovation project known as DFactory. The main objective of this initiative is to attract and promote 4.0 companies and industries, fostering digital transformation and the adoption of advanced technologies in the Dominican Republic and the region.

The signing of this MOU represents an important milestone in the collaboration between the two institutions, offering a knowledge-sharing platform, best practices, and experiences in the 4.0 industry arena. It will also enable the identification of joint business opportunities and the implementation of training and capacity-building programs to foster the adoption of innovative technologies in CZFS Industrial Park.

The Barcelona Free Zone Consortium, internationally recognized for its leadership in fostering 4.0 industry, is pleased to share experiences and knowledge with the Santiago Free Zone Corporation, strengthening cooperation, promoting economic growth, and reinforcing the relationship between Barcelona and Santiago de Los Caballeros.

Both parties are excited about the potential of this collaboration and are confident that an initiative such as DFactory in CZFS Industrial Park will attract investment, generate high-quality jobs, and promote technological innovation in the region.

The signing ceremony was led by Mr. Pere Navarro i Morera, Special Representative of the State and representing the Barcelona Free Trade Zone Consortium, along with Mr. Miguel Lama Rodriguez, President of the Santiago Free Trade Zone Corporation. The event was also attended by the distinguished presence of Mr. Johannes Kernel, representing the National Customs Directorate of the Dominican Government and the Dominican Republic Logistics Cluster entrepreneurs.

The signing of this MOU took place within the framework of Barcelona’s SIL Logistics Fair, an internationally recognized event that brings together experts and professionals from the logistics sector. This favorable environment allowed both parties to share ideas, and perspectives and establish strategic agreements for the promotion of the DFactory initiative in the CZFS Industrial Park.

About the Barcelona Free Trade Zone Consortium (CZFB):

The Barcelona Free Trade Zone Consortium is a Catalan public entity that promotes economic development and innovation in the region. With extensive experience in promoting 4.0 industry, CZFB drives innovative projects and works closely with companies and organizations to foster sustainable economic growth.

About the Santiago Free Zone Corporation (CZFS):

The Santiago Free Zone Corporation is a Dominican public private NGO dedicated primarily to the promotion and development of industrial parks in the Santiago region. With focus on competitiveness, it leads the attraction of foreign investment, creation of jobs, exports, and technology transfer.

Heading into its 50th anniversary, CZFS houses around 80 world-class companies in its facilities. These companies are pioneers in various industrial sectors exporting to dozens of countries, generating direct employment for about 22,000 people and contributing significantly to economic, social and environmental growth and improving the quality of life in Santiago and the Dominican Republic.